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Whether you’re a football player, avid fighter or a serious golfer, here you’ll find suitable programmes for amateur, semi-pro and recreational athletes. Maybe you’re looking to build muscle? Lose fat? Or development raw strength and power? Check out the programmes below and see how we can help you improve the weak aspects in your game. If you are a professional athlete or you require an advanced personalised programme then please use the enquire page.


 Fat Loss Booklet

Learn the science behind the digestive system and find out what to eat, when to eat and how to eat for fat loss. This booklet is packed with various successful eating strategies to help you shed that pesky fat, once and for all.

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Build muscle and lean mass in this 15 week hypertrophy focused training programme. Learn the science on why the programme works so well, follow our spreadsheet and let us guide you to being a bigger, more muscular you.

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Maximum Strength Programme

Research suggests that almost all physical attributes are developed from maximum strength development. A house is only as stable as it’s foundation. Maximum strength is your foundation to all athletic attributes.

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Power Programme

Lacking explosiveness? The power programme will improve your rate of force and speed at which you execute movements. If you’re lacking acceleration and quickness – this is the perfect programme for you.

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 Plyometrics Programme

A fantastic edition to the power and maximum strength programmes. Plyometrics was first recognised by legendary russian olympic coach, Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky.  Further improve speed and power with plyometrics.

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Repeated-Sprint Ability Programme

Learn how to improve your sprint speed by correcting your technique, as well as improving your ability to recover between bouts. If you feel you run out of gas too quick – this could be the programme for you!

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Do you have an amateur or semi-pro fight approaching? This programme introduces you to Complex training. Enter the combat arena with a prepared physiological system and increased performance.

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GOLF Programme

Golf is all about power, precision and technique. Increase your swing speed and ball velocity in this golf specific training programme and improve your balance and stability. Out-drive your competitors at your local club.

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Motorsport Programme

From withstanding high g-forces to increasing cardiovascular performance which helps regulate body temperature – this programme sits you in the driver’s seat. Develop trunk strength and prepare your body for competitive racing!

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Struggling to perform certain exercises? Feeling tight? This booklet will guide you through 50+ exercises designed to improve your range of motion and flexibility. The booklet is currently FREE with any programme purchased.

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Personalised Programme

If you are a professional athlete, or you feel you have specific needs then we’ll create a completely personalised programme designed to reach your goals. This may be through injury rehabilitation or a complete pre-season programme designed to improve your most serious weaknesses before your season starts.

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