Welcome to the Body Basics Programme.

Firstly, what is the Body Basics Programme (BBP)? Well, the BBP is a two day per week full body programme designed to improve mobility, flexibility, stability, strength, power and energy systems. It is a constantly evolving programme helping to improve physical performance, decrease chronic pain and lessen the likelihood of chronic complications and future injury. Approximately every 4-6 weeks a new programme will be posted on the forum (pinned thread at the top of BBP section), which comes complete with the latest excel spreadsheet and exercise videos. The best thing about it? (other than it works really really well?) It’s completely FREE! All you have to do, is sign up to the forum, download the latest programme, print the tracking sheet off and hit the gym! The days of you being lost in the gym, unsure of what to do, are long gone! And don’t worry if you get stuck or confused, we’re here to help you! Simply post up your query to the forum and we’ll asnwer the questions as soon as we can.

To download the latest programme, please visit the forum by clicking the button below: