Green tea – Brilliant or Bullshit?

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"Do you want a coffee, Dave?”… “No thanks mate, I’m having my green tea”. Honestly, I used to think green tea was all hype. Something that the health freaks obsessed about. I would often hear muttered from their green tinted lips that it “helps fat loss” and “stops me from getting cancer”. Again, this added to my bullshitometer. Are they ...

Your Conditioning: The Philosophy

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Ihave recently been asked to explain my philosophy as a coach and i thought this would make an interesting insight in to any potential clients who wish to know more about Your Conditioning. Here i'll cover my beliefs in athletic development, my approach to exercise, my approach to skill learning and i'll finish with my views on coach-athlete relationships. In ...

Can cardio hinder hypertrophy?

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Many athletes throughout a wide range of sports will often require various training adaptations to achieve success (9). Habitually, the vast majority of competitive athletes, specifically field-based participants, require a high level of strength and endurance capacity to improve and/or maintain an elitist competitive status (20). However, both characteristics implicate a large amount of diverse adaptation. Strength training approaches involve ...

Women and resistance training

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From the first time I stepped in to a gym as a trainer I have reassured hundreds of women that resistance training is good for them. “But I don’t want to get big and bulky like the men do!” – a reply I usually get 99% of the time. I’d often smile and tell them they won’t, it’s a myth ...

Carbohydrates: Friend or Foe?

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We, as a civilisation, are on the verge of a global epidemic. Over the past three decades, people are becoming more overweight and obese than ever before [1]. But why is this? Is it an increase in lethargy? An increase in technological advances that require less effort on our part? Or is it an increase in poor food choices? Whatever the ...